Mission of Grow Hope

Our mission is to create generational change, with an improved outlook for our Indigenous Australians. 

We aim to help young Australians connect with their Indigenous heritage and improve the educational outcomes for those in remote communities.

Grow Hope Plan
What We Do

Journey to the northernmost part of Australia’s Northern Territory and you’ll find Gunbalanya, a remote community tucked away on the western border of Arnhem land. Sometimes called Oenpelli, this thriving community continues traditions born tens of thousands of years ago, from one of the oldest living cultures in the world.

But there’s a catch. If any young residents wish to access educational programs available in the bigger cities, Gunbalanya’s remote location makes this difficult.

That’s where Grow Hope comes in.

We’ve set up a fully-funded residential house in Darwin. This allow students to stay and study VET courses in a city full of opportunities – but close enough that they’ll stay connected to Country and Culture. (More on Hope House)

We also educate Australian children. We’ve partnered with Wanyara to provide Incursion Programs that celebrate Traditional Aboriginal Games (TAG). These incursions aren’t just great fun – they help people understand and embrace an Aboriginal perspective of our country. (More on our Incursion Program)

We can even take you to Gunbalanya. Our Immersion Program helps everyday Australians connect with our country’s culture in a meaningful way. You, your family or your employees are invited to join us for a truly unforgettable experience. (More on immersions)

Some Of Our Achievements

Assisted over 40 students from the Gunbalanya community in life skill and transitional programs at the Darwin residential house.

Provided accommodation in the Darwin residential house to girls from the Gunbalanya community to complete VET courses in Community and Children services not available at home.

Worked in partnership with Wanyara Tag to deliver incursion days to over 25 schools educating young Australians in their understanding of Australian Indigenous culture led by Indigenous leaders.

Funded trauma counseling workshops run by VACCA for the Gunbalanya community. To enable students to re-engage with their learning.

We Have...