What we do

We provide education programs and learning experiences that allow Indigenous Australians to share our history, strength and story so that all Australians recognise and connect with our Indigenous heritage.

Through fundraising, immersions, incursions and donations, Grow Hope has managed to raise funds that give Indigenous Australians better opportunities and life skills that aren't available in their remote communites.

Grow Hope Plan
Our Goals

Currently Grow Hope has the set the goal of reaching out to as many Indigenous possible and helping them with schooling opportunities. Through the partnerships formed with Victorian schools and the Grow Hope boarding house, we hope to further allow Indigenous opportunists that they wouldn’t otherwise have. By 2022 we hope to (insert goal?)

So Far We have...

Provided schooling to over (insert number) Indigenous children across Victoria. Currently we have over (insert number) Indigenous kid being accommodated for in our boarding house where they attend a multitude of private schools. We have run three consecutive incursions to Gunbalanya and hope to make it a fourth this year. As of this year, we raised over xx amount of dollars and of that money x amount went to expenditure on programs to better accommodate the staying with us.

We Have...